Thursday, December 25, 2008

Who watches the Magi?

Claire with her new book.

Unfortunately I had to work today, but Ian and Claire graciously got up early this morning so we could open some presents before I had to take off.

Ian got a ton of swag, as he is wont to do. Highlights include numerous Star Wars figures (including a Rancor!), a few movies and a lot of clothes (which Ian is just getting to the right age to be blasé about).

Claire had mentioned recently that she had never read "Watchmen" and I had mentioned she should. I think we both stoked an idea, for Claire bought me a nice hardcover edition. I, however, went a little overboard and bought her the super-sized 464-page, six-pound Absolute Edition. It's like an Oh Henry story.

It could have been worse, I very nearly also gave Claire Season 4 of "Lost" on Blu-Ray -- which she also bought me.

Below: Ian made out like a bandit.

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