Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Has Marvel given up in the fight against piracy?

Comics website Bleeding Cool pointed out an unusual ad on online piracy site Pirate Bay this evening. Look at this banner ad in the comics section:

A screenshot of the Pirate Bay website with what appears to be an ad for a Marvel Comics game

Now, Marvel: Avengers Alliance is just a licensed product, but the fact that a company even loosely affiliated with Marvel is advertising on a website which practically advocates the theft of comics (or movies, music, books, etc.) is cause for a head smack.

I'll bet Marvel's lawyers contact Playdom (the game's publisher) pretty darn quick and ask it to change its advertising strategy.

So, has Marvel given up in the fight against online piracy? Nope. But its affiliates seem to know to advertise where people go to find cheap comics-related stuff.