Friday, January 22, 2010

"The Case of the Shhh!" (Complete Audio Book)

The author with his manuscript and its video game inspiration.

Ian wrote a book in class earlier this week. I thought we'd publish it below. (Copyright 2010 by Ian Baker and John Baker. Some characters copyright DC Comics.) Grammar is as by the author.

"The Case of the Shhh!"

By Ian Baker (& Ms. Angeles & Ms. Burke)

Characters: Batgirl. Robin, Batman, Nightwing, Ian Baker

Batgirl, Robin and Batman and Nightwing are flying outside of the room.

They were about to fall, they don't have any wings on their capes. Ian Baker had to go outside and catch them before they get hurt. Ian is catching them with his bare hands, and Ian has to fight the Riddler and Two-Face.

Ian will run into Two-Face and use his cane for the Riddler. And, Ian will say, "Shhhhhh ... Stop that! Stay down Riddler and Two-Face!"

The Riddler's legs fell off by itself because they are ruined.

The End

As a father, I am proud that Ian realized that Batgirl and co. can't fly. As a critic, I've got to say that the plot makes at least as much sense as a lot of Golden Age-era Batman stories. I see he's also put in a touch of post-modernism. The Riddler's legs being "ruined" sounds like something out of a Grant Morrison tale of the Caped Crusader.

Bonus: Click this link for a free audio book version of the story, narrated by the author himself.

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