Monday, August 9, 2010

What I saw at Comic-Con this year!

Right: Klingons apparently took over the Gaslamp trolley station. Glad to see San Diego MTS getting into the Comic-Con spirit!

When I went to Comic-Con last year (also here), I went solo and was much more organized. This year I brought my family (Claire's been here with me at least three times previously, but Ian's only been here as a baby), and had to make adjustments. I saw fewer panels and waited in more lines, but still had fun.

Highlights of what I saw:
Kids love Legos, Harry Potter and the Simpsons. Put them all together and you have this.

Stan Lee (far right of photo to the left) and Neal Adams (center) previewed a Holocaust-related motion comic called "Messenger from Hell" about Jan Karski, who smuggled himself out of Poland during World War II to bring news about the extermination of the Jews to the West. Lee is doing the narration and Adams is doing the art.

Quoth Stan: "Neal is one of the most socially minded people I've ever met. This is really something he sheparded. It was both depressing and triumphant."

Adams, who was illustrated a series of six motion comics in the series, noted that early warnings about the Holocaust be such public figures as Fiorello LaGuardia were often discounted.

"The hardest thing to think about (the Holocaust) is why did nobody raise a voice?" he said. "People did raise a voice."

Information about the series is available online.

(Right:) Ian got to brush up on his Norse mythology!

(Below right:) Gosh, the baggy shorts and loose shirt make me look fat. No wonder the kid beat me!

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