Monday, March 21, 2011

No such thing as too much ice cream

Ian and I went to McDonalds in Pacifica today, and I ordered a burger and he ordered a sundae. The sundae was ready before the burger and a worker put it on our tray. I handed it to Ian and asked him to find a seat.

Another McDonalds worker helping the first, not seeing that we had already received it, looked at our receipt and helpfully went to get us our sundae. When he brought the sweet back, I pointed out we had already gotten our sundae.

I was told I can keep it, as it would just be thrown away. My lucky day!

Time to pay it forward -- I saw a homeless guy in front of the restaurant who looks as if he could use a couple bucks.

1 comment:

Rob Roy said...

Good going, Baker; you just contributed to his McDonald's sundae addiction. Enabler!