Monday, December 6, 2010

What goes through a kid's mind at dinner

While I was in class tonight, the missus took the opportunity to take Ian out to dinner with a couple friends. If you ever wondered what a kid thinks while he's at a restaurant, just give him an iPhone and tell him to take notes.

My six-year-old wrote the following:

6:06 p.m. -- We are almost at the restaurant
6:44 p.m. -- We are now at the restaurant
6:45 p.m. -- We're at Outback Steakhouse
6:46 p.m. -- I like Outback Steakhouse
6:47 p.m. -- My food is not here yet
6:47 p.m. -- I am getting Chicken
6:48 p.m. -- Bread is here
6:48 p.m. -- But my food is not
6:49 p.m. -- I got Root Beer
6:51 p.m. -- They are getting my food
6:52 p.m. -- Outback Steakhouse is good
6:55 p.m. -- My Food is still not here
6:56 p.m. -- I like songs
(food comes, they eat, Ian resumes taking notes)
8:13 p.m. -- We we're at Outback Steakhouse
8:14 p.m. -- Sharkboy and Lavagirl are cool
8:15 p.m. -- Fireboy and Watergirl are cool also
8:17 p.m. -- I made up Sharkgirl and Lavaboy and Firegirl and Waterboy

Grammar and spelling as by the author. And "Sharkboy and Lavagirl" was horrible.

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randomlife said...

I am so not following Ian on Twitter.