Monday, August 15, 2011

Leaving my wife for Debbie Gibson?

Bowing to a fit of nostaglia, I recently began following my high-school crush -- '80s pop goddess Debbie Gibson -- on Twitter. She's been posting some old photos from her heyday on the microblogging site, and when I responded to one of her and future Internet meme Rick Astley this afternoon, Debbie liked it enough to retweet, which led to the following discussion with the missus:

The missus' response was "I hope you, Debbie and (Kid 1) are very happy together. I guess (Kid 2) and I will just have to cry ourselves to sleep tonight."

Ah, when you put it that way ... Sorry Debbie!

1 comment:

Moné Peterson said...

In fairness, Kid 2 will cry regardless.