Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another day off

Ian on the Bayshore, at high tide, just south of SFO.

I haven't had a Saturday off in probably two years (not counting vacations, Comic-cons and other special circumstances where I was away from home), so today Ian and I had a boy's day out.

Ian's been a little bit clingy since I got back, and generally very happy to see me. The feeling's reciprocated, especially since I half expected him to be a little standoffish -- like a cat that reacts poorly when an owner returns from vacation.

So the little guy and I had Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast, got dressed and then piled in the Mitsubishi. We drove to the Burlingame/Millbrae border, where the Bayside Trail provides great views of San Francisco International Airport. I used to take Ian there when he was much smaller and was excited by the noise. Now that he knows about airplanes and their ability to take people places (and bring Daddy back from Australia), he has a more nuanced view.

We walked/jogged/chased each other down the trail to the Elephant Bar, where he had a corn dog and I had a burger. Ian put on his tiger mask (below), cut out from the children's menu, then insisted that I fill back in the popped-out eyeholes.

Following that, we drove to San Bruno's Commodore Park, where Ian finally was able to proudly scale the climbing rock on his own. He had a great time, and right before we left, I again encountered the dirty talking Scottish man walking his dog. His contribution today was:

Like my dog? It's a shih tzu. You know what it'd be if it was mixed with a pit bull? "B*ll Sh*t."

We grabbed ice cream from a rover pushing a cart, then headed home. After which Ian was Claire's problem.

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