Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baa, Baa, Baa and first impressions of Adelaide

West Terrace Cemetery -- the first thing a train visitor to Adelaide sees.

ADELAIDE, SA (Nov 2, 2008) – After pulling out of Broken Hill, I decided to try my luck with the shower on the train. I certainly needed one, having been in the same clothes for 40 hours and doing a lot of walking in them yesterday (my exercise program has paid off: I wasn’t tired or winded, but I certainly did sweat).

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the shower worked. Some initial fiddling of the knobs aside, I was able to get a nice warm stream of water with fairly decent pressure. I scrubbed up, changed clothes and returned to my seat refreshed. The water went down the shower drain clockwise (though considering the drain was to the upper right of the shower, it was not surprising) and fell straight down onto the visible tracks below.

(Drain tally, as of this posting – Clockwise: 3, Counter-clockwise: 1, Unable to determine: 3. Kangaroos seen: 0.)

The countryside, once we got past the slag heaps near Broken Hill, has mainly consisted of flat valleys devoted to either wheat growing or sheepherding. I’d honestly think South Australia grows nothing but grain if I didn’t know better. I did later see some vineyards. Below: I saw miles upon miles of wheat.

After arrival at Keswick Station, I walked into town and I’m now sitting on the steps of a car audio place right now leeching off someone’s unencrypted wi-fi. Adelaide looks nice and clean, but I’m only here for about three hours, so I don’t know if the part I’m in is going to be representative. I will say one thing: putting a cemetery next to the interstate train station makes one appreciate history.

Next, off to get some food (both for now and tonight), then back to the train station and the trip west. I probably won’t get a cance to post again until Tuesday, so my best to you all!

Note: I've added pictures to yesterday's Sydney post. You might want to check it again.

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