Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One-man wrecking crew

Not only is he a rockin' one-man band, but he's a one-man band with a freakin' DIDGERIDOO!

PERTH, W.A. -- I've been pleasantly free of jet lag this trip but after four days of reduced sleep, I finally needed a nap this afternoon. I had blogged, gotten lunch and watched the Sex and the City movie (Spoiler: Carrie was much too mad over Miranda's statement to Big. There was much more on Big's mind than what Miranda said), so it was no surprise I fell asleep in the late afternoon.

I awoke shortly before 7 p.m. and showered, then headed out the door about 8:30 p.m. Because of the late hour, I knew I wanted to go somewhere close so I chose Fenian's Irish Pub -- kitty corner to my hotel and the site of my Melbourne Cup bet earlier in the day.

I ordered a Guinness and briefly wondered why the barkeep only filled it two-thirds of the way and kept it underneath the bar.
After the head settled a bit, the bartender picked the glass back up, then filled it up while shaping a clover pattern in the head. Clever!

The entertainment for the evening was James Wilson, who gave a really good show for a one-man band. Wilson played an assortment of songs from The Church, U2 and Phil Collins, multi-tasking all the way. Wilson would make a good dispatcher: while singing, he played guitar and trigged the drums with his feet! I, who can hardly talk and type at the same time, was quite impressed. Samples of Wilson's music are online at his MySpace page.

While walking about at one point, I was surprised to hear the loud sound of running water behind me. I turned around and a variety of factors -- the hill I was on, the perfect east-west alignment of the street and the way it was lit -- let me see an amazing sight: a wall of rain rushing down the hill toward me. I was actually able to see and hear the rain coming at me in time to get under an awning and avoid it. I was also able to see the end of the storm coming up a couple minutes later and left my shelter when the rain did.

I'm back at the hotel now, watching Monday night's Late Show with David Letterman, which is broadcast with a delay here in Perth. Ricky Gervais' top-ten list of stupid things Americans say to British citizens was hilarious. Feels just like home.

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