Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am such a Twit

I never got a MySpace page, because I'm not a 13-year-old girl. I never got a Facebook page, because I'm not a 19-year-old college student. But I am on Twitter (check me out at

The blogging bug may have faded for me a bit lately (especially since my Australia trip -- the reason I started this blog -- ended), but it's less hassle to put my thoughts into 140 characters or less and post them.

Some recent "tweets" of mine:
As convoluted as the NCAA basketball selection is, it still beats the socks off of its football selection "process."
32 minutes ago from web

I just watched the new "Star Trek" trailer for the fourth time today. Awe-freakin-some!
11:16 AM Mar 6th from web

For some reason, I have the sudden desire to watch "Tron.".
2:03 PM Mar 5th from twitterrific

Why don't downtown SF BART stations take credit cards? Probably to avoid money laundering of stolen cards via BART tickets.
8:21 PM Feb 11th from twitterrific

Is it bad that when I heard of a terrible storm in the Midwest today with gusts of 88 mph that I thought "Now it can travel through time?"
7:36 AM Feb 11th from twitterrific

Don't pour cherry coke into a cup you immediately previous used for iced tea. It's am unholy combination of two holy drinks.
1:02 PM Jan 31st from twitterrific

I'm wondering why my neighborhood has such a strong smell of jet fuel. Wind must be coming from SFO direction.
1:01 AM Jan 12th from web
As you can see, nothing major, just random thoughts. Mostly me bitching about my morning commute.

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Rob Roy said...

I was ashamed to have a Myspace page, I will never Facebook, and I ain't touching your Twitter, John.