Monday, September 28, 2009

Library advocating copyright violation to earn money?

Asian-language DVDs of "The Prestige" and "Terminator 3" on sale Sept. 28 at the South San Francisco main library. The post-it note states that a region-free DVD player is required.

I love libraries and think that "Friends of the Library" sales, where the library sells surplus or donated books, movies, etc. are a great idea. But I was taken aback when I saw the DVDs above as part of the sale at South San Francisco's main library on Monday afternoon.

Now I'm not sure that they're illicit copies (which I why I didn't bring them to the attention of library staffers), but the cheap, printed box covered with an Asian language and "Chingrish" writing on the back just screams "Bootleg!" I'd bet if I looked at the discs themselves, they'd be purple DVD-ROMs.

Heck, I admit to borrowing some CDs from the library and ripping songs onto my computer. But in this case, if the DVDs are fake, the library itself is possibly facilitating copyright violation -- the complete opposite of a library's ideals.

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