Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some "sick" graffiti

The chalked writing says, "Swine Flu Warning: If you are sick, do not go to class."

I took the above picture yesterday afternoon on the main campus of San Francisco State University. I'm sure the supposedly outrageous graffiti (in easily erasable chalk) was probably written by someone in the university's health office (on the opposite side of the building upon which this note was written).

While the graffiti does offer sage advice, is it truly necessary or is it part of the paranoia we've seen around H1N1 or "swine flu?" Some early scares aside, it appears no more deadly than the average winter flu in the United States, just more easily transmitted.

This isn't 1919. Let's not shut everything down or panic. Let's practice some good hygiene and the problem will take care of itself.

(As an aside, my presence on the SFSU campus yesterday connects to why I haven't blogged much lately -- three graduate school classes have been seriously kicking my butt! Will update as I can.)

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