Monday, October 6, 2008

A brief musical interlude

It was probably the early 1990s when I was last current with my musical tastes, but working long, boring hours (check the time of this post),having a good Internet connection at work and flipping on the iPod when exercising has exposed me to a lot more modern music than I otherwise would've been.

BBC Radio 1, as stated in an earlier post, has gotten the bulk of my listening. Nova 96.9 (from Sydney) has gotten a lot of play as well, thanks to my upcoming Australia trip. Considering that I've generally had "foreign" radio exposure lately, my favorites have been a bit eclectic.

Having caught "That's Not My Name" on the Beeb in April, I soon became a fan of The Ting Tings (whom I might previously avoided simply because of their name) and was insipired to buy my first album from a "new" artist in probably about 15 years. "Great DJ" is a highlight of the album, "We Started Nothing."

Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" was an over-played, over-rated gimmick. But her follow-up single "Hot N Cold" is an inspired piece of power pop that might have been recorded by the likes of Pat Benatar 25 years ago. It's catchier than that "Kiss" song and has some clever lyrics.

A couple white kids from Brooklyn have blended an intriguing combo of soul, 1970s psychedelia and modern club music in the form of MGMT. Their song "Kids" (which only has an UNofficial video on YouTube) has a spine-tingling synthesizer hook that sticks with you.

I also grew to like a certain Miley Cyrus song, as I stated in the above-mentioned previous post. I still make no apologies.

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