Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've finally joined the late 20th Century!

Happy happy, joy joy! Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and got a cell phone. Twelve years after I first sold them to unsuspecting customers at a Radio Shack in Daly City, I got one myself.

And not just any phone. I got an iPhone!

I've never thought a cell phone was necessary. I've done what people are supposed to do -- make plans ahead of time and stuck to them. People looked at me funny when I told them I was phone-less, but I actually felt good about it. But I figured the time was right, with my trip coming up. The iPhone's web browser will give me good, needed connectivity in Australia.

And if was going to get an iPhone, I needed a computer that could handle it. The youngest computer we had was six years old, so while I was at the Apple Store in Burlingame anyway, I got a new MacBook (good timing, it it was just updated on Tuesday).

So I've not blogged, and this is going to by a short post, for the strange-sounding reason that I've been on the computer so much!

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