Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going right back to the 20th Century (for a few days at least)

No, there's nothing wrong with my nice new iPhone. My step back to the past is due to the more fundamental -- I have no e-mail, at least for the weekend.

The server up at Humboldt State University is being upgraded, so since late Friday and extending to at least late Sunday I'm without e-mail. (I gotten to keep my university e-mail address for 12 years now because I anted up and paid for a lifetime membership in the alumni association. Best money I've ever spent, considering how often I change ISPs, and it made my application for a student discount on my recent Mac purchase seem all the more legit.)

I've had to fight the temptation to check my e-mail every few minutes, but other than that, I've discovered that I don't really need to check e-mail that often. It'll be good practice for my Australian trip, where I may face up to four days in a row without Internet access. It's good to know I'm not going to feel naked.

Another blast from the past (and a good reason to avoid constant e-mail checking) is that my good friend Robert Roy (he's got a blog too!) has finally gotten out to visit us and meet Ian. Good job Rob, it only took you 4.83 years! I look forward to showing him about town. Right: Rob in 1988.

Moving to the Bay Area almost 14 years ago has definitely contributed to the deterioration of ties with my old friends deteriorate, but I'm trying to reconnect. Not that staying in the Glendale area would have helped -- of the three main people I hung out with in high school, one's moved to Georgia, one to Nevada and Rob now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We're a wandering bunch ...

Left: For comparison, me in 1989, check out the hair and shirt!

In an aside, I visited Crescenta Valley High School's website in order to pull me and Rob's senior photos. To illustrate how things of changed, I paid $24 for both myself and my date (tickets were sold as a pair) to go to Homecoming in 1988. This year, tickets are only sold individually, cost $35 each and everyone has to show an electronic student ID to enter the dance. Sheesh.

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Rob said...

But, that photo was taken just last week. Wait, I'm how old? Waugghhh!